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27th August 2009
“The swine flue tablets manufacturing co. is based at USA and its stock for India is unsold for last two-three years and the expiry date for the medicines is approaching very fast, so how about creating a little scare to push the sales?”

Conspiray theorist come up with strangest of things and they have in past claimed how pharma companies release viruses to sell vaccines. Mission Impossible -II is about the same thing. I got the following mail from a friend of mine. I don't know how correct the facts are but they definitely are worth a read so here they are... read more

10th April 2009
“Zaidi was thrown in jail for 3 years for chucking a shoe at Bush and Jarnail Singh became a instant celebrity by doing the same thing.”

I posted a picture of currency notes on Picturejockey and Prashant suggested that we should have a competition to replace Gandhi as well and he has a point. 8-10 years ago the face of Gandhi was only on the 500 rupee note but now it is on every note, from 5 bucks to a grand, there are seven notes and his picture is on every one of them. Don't we have any other leader worthwhile of featuring on a note? It is not only about the the currency notes, we find it hard to find anyone of substance in a population of more than a billion... read more

6th April 2009
“The job of a leader of a country requires expertise in a lot of fields that are not humanly possible in a single person. A head of state has to rely on experts in various fields to carry out his or her job.”

Manmohan Singh may have been the most educated, intelligent and the smartest prime minister we ever had and may be the least powerful as well. No one credits him for any of his accomplishments and he is never seen as the real leader. The real leader in Sonai Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi will step aside when Rahul Gandhi is ready to stake his claim on the primeministership and till then we will have "temp" prime ministers like Manmohan Singh, something like Anil Kumble as the test captain till M S Dhoni was ready for it... read more

22nd January 2009
“Change was his motto during Obama's election campaign and the world has never needed a change more desperately than now. This makes him the right person at the right place and in my opinion at the wrong time.”

Obama has sworn in as the president of United States it seems everything else in the world has stopped since the focus of everyone, specially the media, seems to be on Obama. Sure it is one hell of a moment, a moment of achievement, personal as well as national... read more

21st November 2008
“Reservation is against the rule of natural selection. I magine if a herd of buffaloes or a pride of lions selects its leader like this. This will lead to the extinction of group.”

The government has asked for reservation in jobs for locals. A local is a person who has spent more than 15 years in this state. Currently the reservation is mostly in manufacturing and blue collar jobs and the service industry has been spared. The question is till when? Best way do implement an unpopular policy is by announcing it so people are outraged... read more

14th November 2008
“Any political leader with a microphone is trying to get his share of the division, whether it is Mayawati dividing the dalits from the rest of the nation or whether it is Raj Thackery who is dividing them as Marathis and non marathis.”

The other thing that initially shocked me but now looks natural is the women in their night gowns. You may say that it is hardly shocking. Well, it is shocking if the woman in the nightgown is buying vegetables, talking a walk in the morning or traveling in train. In Bombay I found that a nightgown is a completely acceptable dress for many places other than a bed room... read more

12th November 2008
“I was shocked to see a girl wearing a shirt with a slogan ‘I am so horny even you have a chance”

The other thing that initially shocked me but now looks natural is the women in their night gowns. You may say that it is hardly shocking. Well, it is shocking if the woman in the nightgown is buying vegetables, talking a walk in the morning or traveling in train. In Bombay I found that a nightgown is a completely acceptable dress for many places other than a bed room... read more

7th November 2008
“Thinking about, he created a form of bowling that didn't exist before and how good it was is proved by the number of wickets he has taken and yet all we saw was that he can't spin the ball like Shane Warne.”

Cricket may be a glorified sport in India but there is one cricketer who has not found anything glamourous about it.That man is Anil Kumble. I am not very good with facts but I don't remember any captain retiring mid series and by not playing the Nagpur test, Kumble has done just that... read more

24th October 2008
“You should count yourself lucky that you can get in a foul mood when you get a stupid assignments. The TV reporters have to look happy and genuinely interested even when they are reporting things they hate.”

No matter what your profession is, you will never be able to do what you have to do. It has happened to me very often that I find myself working on things that either defies logic or things that I hate or sometimes both. At times like this, I do the job and crib... read more

23rd October 2008
“It is easy money. In the initial years you will make more money than your friend but eventually you will lag behind the ones who went in a carrer for which they trained and careers which require skills more than just speaking English with an accent.”

The timing is not right. This should have been posted a week ago. I agree. But read on as I am not really discussing the facts but some interesting observations related to this whole episode... read more

13th September 2008
“On or two unexploded bombs can be explained as errors but here it seems like the terrorists were planting those bombs for cops to find...or was it the police that planted them first and then found them.”

Usually after an act of terrorism the statements issued by the politicians go something like this "It is an act of cowardice and desperation." The same statements were issued after the explosions in Gujrat and I am sure to read something like this in the newspapers tomorrow for five blasts in New Delhi—three in Connaught Place, one in Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh and the third in M-Block Greater Kailash... read more

6th August 2008
“'What I am worried about is the monsoon' Mira has told me countless times ever since I have joined R K Swamy in town. I have to travel by local train between home and office and the rains in Bombay are notorious for holding up not only traffic but trains.”

On 26th July in 2005 a lot of people slept on railway platforms as all trains were cancelled due to rains. This year I was forced to take a day off twice because of the rains. Once on 1st and then on 28th of July... read more

5th August 2008
“A Sumo or a Qualis may be a good value for money but people would rather pay a little extra for a Scorpio or Safar than be seen driving a taxi.”

Ratan Tata doesn't want Tata Nano to be used as a taxi because he fears that it may dilute the image of the car. The purpose he created the car was to provide an affordable car to a person on a two wheeler and not for providing cheaper taxis... read more

8th July 2008
“The next door Bata shop was selling 'Sandak' - another molded plastic shoes for about 200 bucks. Since Crocks in an international brand and not originally made for Indian market and the fact that it came to India after it because quite famous, I was ready to pay a price around 500 bucks. But 1500! You got to be kidding me.”

Waterproof sandals? No fuckin way. They look hideous. That is what I used to think earlier and I could afford to think like that since I was not living in Bombay. After coming to Bombay and ruining a few pairs of shoes, I felt it was time for me to stop being a snob. I decided to buy a pair of sandals... read more

9th April 2008
“We will be sitting at home wondering, how to pay the EMI of the trendy house we bought 10 years ago thinking the gold run will last for ever and why our teenage kids don't want to talk to us let aside having a fun-filled weekend with us.”

The fear of kids thinking of them as people who just feed and clothe them, parents are trying to have as much fun with them as possible on the weekends. Now the kids can think of them people who not just feed and clothe them but also entertain them on weekends... read more

7th April 2008
“The struggle is accepted as a part of life but still it is human nature to get frustrated by the endless torture of life in Bombay. What does one do to release some pent up anger? Well, shoult at someone you can.”

This is one question that I have heard so often from Mira without really knowing the answer so I decided I would sit and think over it. This question generally is asked in context of work or actually in context of my office. The tolerance level of an average Mumbaikar seems higher than the same of a north Indian... read more

1st April 2008
“Our education systems is the the only one that is abused lef right and center and yet manages to produce people that are being chased by recruiters around the globe”

The more you think, the less you know and the less you know the more you get confused. More than once in the past I have written on my Blog about my feelings towards the formal education. It won't be wrong to say that my opinions reflected it as a necessary evil. Something without which you can't survive but at the same time, it is messing up with your mind... read more

31st March 2008
“Whoever said that the African nations are poor didn't have an email account.”

You know I am really sick of getting spam mails from all sort of supposed "welfare" organisations like the WHO and and the Unicef and countless more like them. I feel they are a bunch of liars who want you to believe in stupid and baseless things like there are children in Africans countries that are dying from hunger or there is widespread unemployment and deaths caused by various factors like terrorism and political unstability... read more

14th February 2008
“Life is tough for Raj Thacker's followers, till yesterday they had to beat up noth Indians and today they have to beat up young couples who are celebrating Valentine's Day”

It's been quite a hectic week for Raj Thackeray's men. First they had to bet up the north Indian, set fire to buses and shops. All that as just come to end that they have to get on Valentine's Day duty. They have to go to places like Bandra Reclamation and Bandstand and other places where young lovers generally meet and then beat them up for celebrating Valentine's Day... read more

1st February 2008
“I just saw things I didn't knew existed but I need desperately”

Identifying a need and creating something for that requires some talent like someone identified that there is a need for communication while on move and mobile phones were created and now most people can't imagine a life without it. What requires even more talent is creating something for which there is no need and then that thing going on to become an integral part of people's life... read more

15th January 2008
“I live in the past and can't help it. The past had the freedom that comes with owning a motorcycle in a city with wide roads and the presest has the full body massage one gets in a Mumbai local”

Public transport is for losers - This comment by Homer Simpson sums up my opinion about public transport. Yesterday I promised to tell you more so here it is. In the final years of school and during college I traveled in DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses extensively and since the time of my travel was off peak and I usually had all the time in the world, I enjoyed it. When I started working, I experienced the incompetence of DTC which couldn't run enough buses and the greed of private operators who saw humans as sack of potatoes and their buses as Lorries for transporting them... read more

10th January 2008
“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Similarly anything interestng lies in the observation skills of an observer. What makes something interesting is not what it has but what you see in it.”

The other thing about kids is their ability to find something amusing about almost anything in this world. This is the case with Manu as well. Last Sunday I took him for polio drops in the A block of our housing society. The distance from our home to the camp was about 250 mtrs but it took us about 2 hours to make that trip. By the end of it too I had to carry him while he was howling to stay out even longer... read more

9th January 2008
“I have posted a list of my New Year resolutions on Picturejockey and thought it would be a good idea to combine them all in one post here. So if you have missed them, here they are.”

Looking at how most resolutions don't even last longer than the New Year party and the rest barely stretching January, I generally don't make any resolutions. This year however I have thought of bringing some positive changes in my life. I have some resolutions and although I have been thinking about them for some time now, I will call them my resolutions and will share them with you here. The number one resolution I would... read more

7th January 2008
“Who needs home umpires to win matches by cheating when you have umpires like Steve Bucknor? Want to win a match against India? Make sure the umpire is Steve Bucknor”

So the Aussies have managed to win 16th test in a row...with a little help from the umpires Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson. They have given about 11 incorrect decisions against India and I guess all of them could not be honest mistakes. You make a mistake on day 1 by not giving Andrew Symonds out who later himself confessed that he was out... read more

5th January 2008

Found this in my inbox, sent by Nitesh - a friend of mine.

Suddenly the shoreline north of Sydney were transformed into the Cappuccino Coast .. Foam swallowed an entire beach and half the nearby buildings, including the local lifeguards' centre, in a freak display of nature at Yamba in New South Wales... read more

4th January 2008
“All the news paper carried on the New Year day were reports of women being molested. It seems a lot of men have resolved to get up to no good this year.”

It was like a large group of male population in our country decided simultaneously that in the year 2008 they will try to get drunk more often and molest more women, individually or in a group. Now this is one helluva idea for male bonding. Not only did those men made this resolution, they were very prompt in putting it in practice too. They were out on the streets groping women all over the country.... read more

27th December 2007
“Once they realise that you are a right fit for their client's need, they take the phone and start stalking you, calling you so many times a day that you talk to them even when you sleep”

In one of my earliest post I mentioned how the HR practices of Indian companies are not very professional. The HR generally don't have the courtesy to call you up or send out a mail saying that your skills don't meet the requirement so can consider the chapter closed. Here everything is like a hit and trial. You go to a job site and then wait and wait for any reply. If your skills match you will get a call for an interview if not, you just keep waiting... read more

26th December 2007
“We have a history of pushing the engines to their limits, here are a few examples”

Some years ago there used to be a mini truck or a tempo as it was commonly known as. It used to run on a single cylinder 4-stroke engine and used to make a sound like a bullet on steroids (Royal Enfield bullet, not the bullet from a gun) the problem with it was that it had only three wheels. Instead of two, there was only one wheel in the front. The other odd thing was the engine which was kinda mounted on the front wheel... read more

16th November 2007
“In the past four years I have been forced to all I have hated in life.”

Have landed a good job in Bombay but hate the city way too much to go there. OK let's there is one month before I join there so let's spend this time looking for a better opportunity elsewhere. Suddenly, with Bombay coming to play, the list of locations preferred became very wide. Jobs were explored in Chandigarh and Hyderabad as well but nothing is stronger than destiny and I landed here four years ago... read more

15th November 2007
“You need to see people in their teens and early 20s to see what focused means. I am amazed at how far ahead they seem to think and wonder how things will be with Manu's generation when he is that age.”

Plan A is that I will migrate to US... I may go to Australia and then from there move to either Canada or US. “What was the plan B?” The plan B is to get married. If you are thinking about getting married for love, you are in for a big shock because love and all that stuff is not even a consideration here... read more

20th September 2007
“Jellybeans on pitch irritated Zaheer Khan and he won the match for India. Andrew Flintoff pissed off Yuvraj Singh and poor Stuart Broad and the Entire English team paid the price when Yuvi hit six sixes. The next time you want to exchange a few words with Indian players, keep this in mind.”

In England someone threw jellybeans on the pitch while Zaheer Khan was batting and that pissed him off. He thought it was Kevin Pieterson and threatened him waving his bat. He was smart enough to not actually hit anyone but England paid the price of spilling beans on the pitch... read more

14th August 2007
“When we are playing overseas, our victory has more to do with our luck and the performance of the opponents then our own performance and talent.”

Everyone says we are bad tourists and our overseas records confirm that. We have managed to win a series after 21 years. A few things that come to mind after winning the series... read more

18th July 2007
“Dramatization in ads is okay but it seems idiotic when it is not believable at all...or may be I am just too cynical”

Two boys, probably twins, call their mother “Mom there is a good news and a bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”
A little apprehensive, the mom said “Bad news?”
The boy says, “Rin Supreme bar of soap will no longer be available... read more

17th July 2007
“Some of the people might have liked getting updates in mail and some of them might not have, I guess it was only wise to stop sending them”

When I started Mental Floss, I used to send out regular updates. Around once a fortnight with links for all the posts in that period of time. When I started Picturejockey, I started sending out that update daily. The update was not as elaborate or customized as the one I used to send earlier but just a link to the latest post... read more

16th July 2007
“A change is not always an improvement”

In 2001 while I was working for Trisoft Systems I made a site for myself. One of my colleagues suggested a person I could contact for hosting and domain registration. I got and uploaded the site there. So far the site survived the way it was. I knew I had to change the site but it took me quite a long time to actually update the site with a new design... read more

21st June 2007
“Report cards, beatings by teachers, stress of not being a good student...the school had a lot of painful memories for me and I was horrified with the prospect of my son having a similar experience...but so far so good. ”

The memories of school I have are not exactly pleasant. I vaguely remember that on the day I had to go to school, I was standing in my bedroom. There we used to have a table where we used to keep our beddings. I was standing there clutching those hoping they won't be able to take me to school. I don’t remember how much I cried after going to school but my guess is a lot. That was when I was a little kid. I used to cry every time I went to a new school till the age of 5... read more

1st June 2007
““Vijay Mallya paid Rs. 550 crores for a 26% stake in Air Deccan. I hope he will continue to run it the way as it is and keep things affordable. People who want to fly the good time can fly his other airilne”

The first news that I read in the paper today was that Kingfisher has taken over Air Deccan. Air Deccan was trying to raise capital for some time and for it, the budget carrier was ready to offer 22% equity in the airlines, which would have been more than what Captain Gopinath—the man who launched this airline and the concept of budget carrier has in the airline... read more

24th May 2007
“The journey that involved doing a dress rehearsal of going to airport, buying tickets at the last minute and spending 3 nights in a week in a train should be enough to make us the winners of the CBS series Survivor”

I am back from my holidays or should I say I am back from the Delhi and Nangal episode of Survivor. It was nothing less than that especially for Manu who was hit the hardest by three nights in trains in one week... read more

28th March 2007
“It is a piece of paper, it is compact and fits in your pocket and is probably the most powerful thing in the world today.”

I remember reading a joke in Reader's Digest. A judge was giving verdict in a forgery case and said "This is the stupidest criminal I have ever seen who is trying to make a counterfiet note of 20 dollars by cutting out corners of a $20 notes and sticking them on a S1 bill... read more

19th March 2007
“Armed and dangerous. This is how Manu could be described with his water pistol”
“There is no place for minnows in a tournament like this,” said Ricky Ponting before the start of the World Cup and I guess he spoke too soon.

The Indian and the Pakistan teams seem to be out there just to prove Ricky wrong. India lost to Bangladesh and Pakistan did even worse by losing to Ireland. Something that the coach Bob Woolmer found so disappointing that he died. The coach was found unconscious in his hotel room and later died in the hospital by shock of losing to Oreland. I hope the coach of Ireland is not as shocked as he is by the win of his country that he also dies.... read more

18th March 2007
“A radio channel holding hundreds of sweaters because they wanted a celebrity to hand it over to us and they were not getting dates, a corporate who didn't send material because they were waiting for the right moment to organize an event to do it... What is more important? Helping a needy or getting the publicity milage out of it?”

Got this mail in my mailbox from a member of Creativegarh and I felt more people should know about it... read more

6th March 2007
“Armed and dangerous. This is how Manu could be described with his water pistol”
Manu rubbing colour on my face

Holi is festival that almost all the kids enjoy and their parents usually are terrified of it, mainly because their kids enjoy it. On his first Holi, Manu was only a few months old so he didn't knew what was happening to him when we put some talcum powder and sindoor on his face. Last year he was saw that we were all getting more coloured than usual but didn't really knew how to react. This year, he is 2.3 years old and was very happy on Holi.... read more

26th February 2007
“Without trying to be a preacher and without trying to teach me anything Manu, in his most innocent and selfless way, taught me the most important lesson of life—What matters is the people around us not out posessions.”
Manu's phone
Manu's new flip phone. The manufacturer has changed Barbie girl to Benigh girl, obviously for copyright reasons but I am not sure if this is legal. I guess they can still be sued by Barbie if they are botherd about them in the first place.

One thing Manu is really fond of is my phone. He usually doesn't get to play with it but when he does, his happiness is beyond something I can describe. Usually the phone is kept on a shelf above our TV. He climbs on the table and then reaches for the phone... read more

20th February 2007
“The bombs exploded in the Samjhauta Express, a letter warning the same was received 15 days ago but was not acted upon, after all there are one billion people here, what difference does it make if a few hundred of them die.”

I guess this is exactly the attitude of the government and all government organizations including the railways and the Railway police. Samjhauta Express traveling from New Delhi to Pakistan had two bomb blasts near Panipat... read more

12th February 2007
“I guess there is not much we can do to change the situation unless we decide to kill all the vote hungry politicians so might as well have some fun at our situation”

Got this in my mail from my cousing Yukti and I thought it was important enough to be shared with all of you. It is the story of the ant and the grasshopper told in a modern context... read more

23rd January 2007
“Worried about the large amount of investment required in starting your business? Why not start an open air office at no cost at all.”

It is said that Bombay is the city of dreams and you can realise all your dreams if you have the courage. I guess it is right. If you see all the people who have been successful and who have achieved something in the city are not the natives of Bombay but people who have come over here from all over the country with a dream to make it big... read more

18th January 2007
“Having more content is fine but repeating the same thing in the News paper is a little to much.”

The Hindustan Times on the 1st of January came with some resolutions and one of those was that the newspaper would put on more weight. The plan to put on more weight by adding more content but I guess finding and providing new content is not always as easy as promising it... read more

17th January 2007
“Send an SMS to congratulate Abhishek and Aishwarys on their engagement and win a chance to attend thir wedding. Hurry, phone lines open till 9.30 pm only!”

The Indian media seems to covering only one news and that is the wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. The fact that it was announced that they are engaged and will be getting married is driving the whole world crazy and this is all they are talking about... read more

16th January 2007
“Sehwag is out, Ganguly is in and Baba Ramdev is desperately trying to be in.”

Cricket is not something I like to write about as there are a lot of other who have infinitely more knowledge about it than me and secondly because a lot of Indians have lost interest in it including me but I couldn't stop myself from writing about it after the recent events... read more

11th January 2007

Bombay is called the city of dreams and I guess rightly so especially when you have a thousand people coming to the city everyday with the intention of staying here. Among those thousand people are the aspiring actors who want to make it big in the Bollywood, there are people from small town and villages who come to seek employment and then there are people like me who don't actually want to come here but have come here all the same... read more

9th January 2007

In what seems like a previous life now, I used to work for Nirula's. Those who don't know Nirula's, it is a chain of restaurants that dominated the Delhi market before Dominos, McDonalds and other fast food joints came in.

I used to work in the design department and we had a Vinyl plotter, which was used to produce quite a few things including the menus' signs etc... read more

3rd January 2007
“Might is right. How else can you explain George Bush invading Iraq and then hanging its leader after a trial that clearly indicates it was just a formality while the rest of the world kept watching quietly.”

Saddam Hussein was hanged at 8.30 am India time yesterday and this inspired a range of reactions including people dancing on streets and people planting bombs killing about 80 odd more

1st January 2007
“Why should I play with building blocks only? I can play with anything else as well that connects like building blocks, even if they are clothes pegs.”

I have mentioned in a previous post that Manu's brain works in ways not comprehensible to me. He has building blocks that my cousin bought for him and whenever he gets hold of that bag, he comes and asks me or Mira to unzip it but he rarely plays with them... read more

27th December 2006
“The Boxing Day test matches this year have been quite interesting this year. One is the retirement and 700 wickets of Shane Warne and the secon is the send-off of Irfan Pathan midway through the series.”

There are two matches starting on Boxing Day, one between India and South Africa and the second between is the ashes match between Australia and England. The match played on MCG is special because Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath are retiring from cricket... read more

26th December 2006
“Anyone who has not experienced Intenet before RSS and XML became common will not truly appreciate what a great thing the RSS feeds are and why I used to play FreeCell with the User Interface options.”

I once dreamt that I am in my office and I am playing FreeCell. In the game instead of playing cards, I have UI options for one project. Actually that project was nothing less than a nightmare as I had a total of 108 files of User Interface including colour options by the end of the project, enough to give me the kind of nightmares I was more

23rd December 2006
“Hey Shah Rukh, I drive a Maruti 800, why don't you present a car to me as well, I'd appreciate it a lot more than Farah Khan and don't get me started about teh watch I wear.”

One of the tabloid carried a news of Shah Rukh Khan giving a gift worth 30 crores to Farrah more

22nd December 2006
“If the people in BMC and MUTP took some pride in their work, they would have done a much better job.”

One of the most important things in doing good work is taking pride in it and we see a lot of work done just to get over with it. If the people who did that work actually took pride in it, how would you explain the shoddy results... read more

20th December 2006
“Mentioning the same feature over and over again to show your products as something full of nice features is not nice.”

In a classroom, there are two chubby kids sitting next to each other. One of them offers the other one five candies and says.

“Five for you, ten for me”
“CHEATERCOCK” is what the other kid shouts.
Next they are standing outside their calls "Tell me, why 5 for me and 10 for you" and over a period the kid is trying to recollect how many problems his toothpaste fights... read more

15th December 2006
“Want to own a house in Bomaby but can't afford one? Never mind. Make an illegal hut and just hope the government will rehabilitate you”

Buying a house is a dream everyone has and for a lot of people it remains just a dream, especially if you are living in a place like Bombay. The pace of price hike in real estate is even giving the Sensex a complex... read more

13th December 2006
“Have a complaint as a consumer, go to the shop or business who gave you substandard product and services and ask for refund or replacement and don't forget to take a camera with you to take a few photographs.”

I had some problems with my Tata Indicom Broadband account about which I wrote sometime back. After I gave up talking to the call center people, I decided to speak to someone higher up... read more

12th December 2006
“You commit a crime, no one reports it but you still get caught. I think may be you should consider a different career.”

There are a couple of incidents in the past few days that made me wonder how dumb some thieves can be. In the present scenario I guess a school teaching basics to thieves and robbers will do very well... read more

11th December 2006
“A lot of people may not agree with him but Amitabh Bachchan feels that 2006 was the best year for him so far. When do you think was best time in your work life?”

In the newspaper today I read the headline of an article on Amitabh Bachchan saying that 2006 was by far is best year. I am sure a lot of people would disagree and would think of other years where he was more successful in terms of his careers but the bottom line is that the gentleman himself believes that this is his best year... read more

9th December 2006
“United we stand, divided we fall. We all know this and willingly choose to be divided and fall. Free Will?”

At the time of independence a provision was made to provide some help to the people from Schedule cast and tribes. There was a reservation for them in schools, educational institutes and government jobs to give them an opportunity that has so far been denied... read more

8th December 2006
“He sent seven people to heaven, everyone wants him to be punished, does anyone want to make the roads safer?”

I wanted to write about it when it happened but didn't for some reason and a couple of days I read his name again in the newspaper as he was arrested again so I though I should write about it. Alistair Pereira, a boy in his early 20s and high on alcohol ran over workers sleeping on the pavement in Bandra... read more

6th December 2006
“or should I say selling your cake and retaining it too because this is exactly what happened at Birdy's last Sunday. ”

Last Sunday Manu turned 2 and one very obvious thing we had to do was to buy a cake. We have been buying cakes from Mongini's ever since we came to Bombay and I must say that I am not too thrilled by the kind of cakes they make. We have been ordering cakes from Birdy's in our office se I decided that I will get the cake fro Manu from there... read more

5th December 2006
“You think the mails you have send are not spam or the links you have added are valid. Think again. Maybe your best intentions are considered spam by your audience”

Sometime, in our eagerness to share something with the rest of the world we may end up doing things that can be classified as spamming. I have got a first hand experience of more

2nd December 2006
“This is literally Begani shaadi mein Abdulla diwana. I don't know why so many people are getting so excited about the wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai”

I don't understand this. There are people, especially people in media who are going crazy about the supposed wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. First they were speculating if this is going to happen but now they have seemed to convince themselves that indeed they are getting married... read more

1st December 2006
“Something happened that outraged you? Want to hit back? Want to create a riot? Contact us, we are riots specialists in Bombay, we will give you all the necessary people and information required for having your own personalised riots. You can even outsource your riots here, even if the incident hapened thousands of miles from here, we can have your riots here. RIOTS'R'US”

In a quite office in a not so quite suburb of Bombay, a man is sitting on his chair reading a newspaper and sipping tea. Just as he placed his cup of tea on the table, a man opened the door of his cabin and rushed more

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