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“Will someone please kill me?”

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There are leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, and Martin Luther King who are remembered for the contribution they made. One reason for their fame is that they were killed just at the right time. Every one has a shelf life, a time what that person is at his or her peak and after that it becomes difficult for him to do something that would generate the support of masses.

If you want to be remembered long after you are gone, make sure you die when you are your peak, if that death comes at the hand of another, even better.

Che was killed at the age of 39 and became immortal; Martin Luther was also killed when he was 39 and became the symbol for equal rights for blacks. Gandhi was killed just after independence and became the father of the nation. A few more years, people would have completely lost interest in him as he had nothing left to do.

Nelson Mandela became synonymous with struggle to end apartheid when he was jailed and remained the iconic leader till he was released of prison. Now in retirement, he is also remembered for divorcing his wife when he came out of prison. Had he died in prison, I am sure he must have become the Gandhi of South Africa (which he was called at one time).

Aung San Suu Kyi has been released. Will she be able to retain her popularity and support?

Now is the turn of Aung San Suu Kyi. She has been released from house arrest. It is very difficult for her to remain as popular as she has been and as I have been saying, the only way out seems to be death.


Pockets deep enough to buy a tablet PC but not big enough to keep it

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The preferred size of a mobile phone in the late nineties in India was big. What is the point of having a mobile phone if you can’t show it off? If you are paying 40 bucks for a call, you better do it in full public view. As mobile went mass, the size also got smaller.

Apple launched iPhone and after that the iPad – a tablet that can’t connect to net either through GPRS or USB. You have a great device which is useless if you want to access the internet if you are on the go, effectively creating a new market segment catered by no one. Samsung is trying to fill that void by launching its 7 inch tablet phone called Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

With tablet phones having screens as large as 7 inches coming, we will see ads for shirts saying “With an extra pocket to fit a tablet phone – fits most tablet phones including Samsung and Dell.”

Now I have a big screen device that I can use to access net when on the move. The problem is where the hell do I keep it when on the move? It won’t fit in any of my pockets and if I carry it in my hand, I am sure to drop it at least once a day.

Maybe a new market segment has been created in the garment industry as well. Now we can expect to see ads of shirts and trousers saying “With an extra pocket to fit a tablet phone – fits most tablet phones including Samsung and Dell.”

And don’t forget how convenient it will be for people who hold their phones like walkie-talkie, with its size, finally they will be able to hold their phone in one place.

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Have an “Easy day” – a greeting built in a brand name

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Last evening on my way home, I stopped at a newly opened store of Easy day. The customary greeting at the checkout counter caught my attention “Have an easy day”. How convenient is it to have a greeting built in your brand name.

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