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All I had to do was ask for refund

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One of the aspects of big corporation entering the market and killing off the small business is the faceless attitude. I prefer to buy from small retailers, someone who has a direct interest in the business because that is where you get the best service. Big corporations are usually staffed with zombies who have no interest in ensuring a good service and are least likely to go that extra mile to make a client happy. They are there to do the minimum that is expected out of them from the employee’s manual. “Sorry sir can’t help you with that.”

In a marketplace increasingly being populated by people who don’t give a fuck, it is very important to find ways where you are connected to your customers and are willing to resolve their problmes and I am happy to say Samsung has demonstrated that to me.

Last Saturday I got a cheque from Samsung after returning my faulty phone and while it is very easy to blame them for delaying it and not doing it till I reached a higher authority, I guess Samsung need to be congratulated for doing the right thing.

After delaying it for some time, I finally bought a phone in January. The phone I selected was Samsung Galaxy 3. Priced at INR12,000 it was a good phone. Running on Android, it had a lot of oomph. It was fun to download applications from the android market. Watching the sky, Google Goggles and a lot of other application.

One thing, however, remained an issue. The phone failed miserably at doing the most basic of the function a phone is supposed to perform - make and receive phone calls. After visiting the service center for a software upgrade and then a change of mother board , I decided to take the issue further up and see if I can get a new phone or a refund. I managed to find the contact details of a fairly senior person in the company and shared my discontent with him and he ensured that I got a refund.

Last Saturday I got a cheque from Samsung after returning my faulty phone and while it is very easy to blame them for delaying it and not doing it till I reached a higher authority, I feel Samsung need to be congratulated for doing the right thing.

So here is a message to the senior executive who responded to my complaint – Thank you very much sir. Your help is greatly appreciated. I don’t know if you would want to be named, that is why your name is not mentioned.

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Idiot Box – The pot calling the kettle black

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It is a classic case of pot calling the kettle black. It is an idiot box but you are supposed to be the wise one. You are supposed to be the one who has a choice. A choice to decide whether to do something constructive and meaningful with your time and your life or to do waste it by watching the idiot-box.

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Whose milk is it anyway?

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I remember the milk queue at the Mother Dairy booth when I was a kid. People used to start queuing up hours before the booth opened. One would spend as much as a couple of hours in the queue and I remember taking turns with my dad and my brother. “Ok, I have taken a bath and had my breakfast so I will go to the booth and relieve dad so he can have a bath.”

After standing in the queue for two hours, we would get milk, but not more than 2 liters. I also remember how paneer and khoa would be banned from the market during the summer months as there was not enough milk to make those. I am not sure but I guess the government used to impose some sort of ban on those things. I am wondering if the restaurants used to server thinks like “shahi Paneer” or “kadhai paneer” during those months.

Today I don’t have to wake up early to buy milk; there is no queue I have to stand it. I can go to mother dairy as late as 11 in the morning and buy milk – not two liters, but as much as I care for. There still is plenty of milk left. There are also a lot of other things like the mishti doi – the sweet curd, the flavored milk, paneer to name some of those things.

I am only guessing but the population of India must have grown by at least 300million in the last 25 years. Again I am guessing but I don’t feel there is a proportionately higher increase in number of cattle or even a proportionate increase as compared to human population. Yet we don’t face any shortage of milk.

So what I want to know is “Who is giving us all the extra milk that has created such abundance” I am sure the cows and buffalos are not yielding so much more. I also want to be a milkman and want to produce milk without buying a cow or a buffalo.

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Slow speed car chase

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I was discussing with a colleague why a “high speed car chase” is called a high speed car chase. The objective of the chasse is to get away from the chaser and the objective of the chaser is to catch up with the chasse and in doing so both would need to go as fast as they can. The “high speed” part of a car chase is implied. Considering this, shouldn’t “car chase” be sufficient? I got my answer the other day while reading this news about a “slow speed car chase.”

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