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When I as a child, we had a bar of soap. Shampoo was there sometimes and not sometimes, it was not a necessity and we managed to keep ourselves clean just fine. There used to be a single bottle of cold cream, used by the entire family. That was not our home specifically, that was how it was for most others as well because that was what was available in the market. Now, of course, things are different. There came a face wash, then it was a hand wash and now there is even a v-wash. You can search the net to see what the “v” in v-wash means. A bottle of cold cream has been replaced by moisturizer and it is not just one bottle, there is a different bottle for face, a different for your body different one for your feet and even a different one for day and for night.

Then we have people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg who wear the same clothes day after day to avoid an unnecessary complexity.


“Black turtlenecks, blue jeans and New Balance Sneakers, this is my entire wardrobe. Saves me a lot of time every morning deciding what to wear.”

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Copy the books, but not the movies

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It is ironic that while the government has declared a 3 year imprisonment and/or Rs.3Lacs fine, Delhi High Court has allowed the photocopy shops to sell photocopies of Books.

An actor who drives around in a Bentley, lives in a Bungalow in a city where even flats are not affordable needs to get his income protected, but an author who spent a lot more on his education and makes only a fraction of what an actor makes should give away his hardwork for free.


“Even in today’s world of self-publishing, blogs, etc., the publisher remains relevant because of its role to be able to provide reliability and authenticity to the information and knowledge it disseminates.” Why would a publisher invest if they are not able to get returns due to practices such as photocopying?
-Sumeet Malik, director, EBC Publishing Pvt. Ltd

Don’t miss the name of the judge who gave this verdict.

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Thinking of redesigning your logo?

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“It takes 100 Million dollars and 10 years to associate a symbol with a company.” This is what Steve Jobs said while recounting his experience of getting a logo designed for next computers.


“It takes 100 Million dollars and 10 years to associate a symbol with a company.”
-Steve Jobs

All the great logos we see have been through that journey which is why they seem so great, the Nike swoosh, the Adidas’ flower, Mercedes’ three pointed star and the spirit of ecstasy were nowhere as aspirational as they are now, after completing that journey.


Smart logo Redesign decisions

McDonald’s, Visa, Google, Domino’s, Pepsi didn’t have dramatic changes and the basic symbols remained the same and identifiable for their customers.


Apple had a dramatic change in their logo but that was before they had gone on their 10 year, 100 Million Dollars journey so the impact was minimal.

So the next time when you want to redesign you logo, think about it once again. Cosmetic change here and there are fine if the basic symbol remains identifiable but if you are planning to change it completely, be sure that you are ready for a 10 year journey and have budget of 100 Million dollars.

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Money and boredom are inversely proportional

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This is fascinating. I have watched this more than once and I guess I will watch it again.

You have millions of followers, and your assets are in billion, what is stopping you from blowing a small fortune on shit like this. WHo gives a fuck if this makes any sense, you wanted to do it and you did it.

Louis CK has done a stand up piece on how people with money can do all sort of crazy shit.


Scott Adams also made a cartoon once wondering how rich people can ever get bored.

This is a live example of that.

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