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While they may claim it is not based on any person living or dead, we all know that the story is about a bootlegger named Abdul Latif, who apart from being a bootlegger was wanted for murder and was a suspect in the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts.

With Shahrukh Khan is the lead in a story told from his perspective, it’s hardly surprising when people sympathize with him instead of an honest cop who is “trying to disrupt his business.”

Same with Leonardo who has glorified two scumbags and maybe on his way to do it for a third time.

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Thinking of redesigning your logo?

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“It takes 100 Million dollars and 10 years to associate a symbol with a company.” This is what Steve Jobs said while recounting his experience of getting a logo designed for next computers.


“It takes 100 Million dollars and 10 years to associate a symbol with a company.”
-Steve Jobs

All the great logos we see have been through that journey which is why they seem so great, the Nike swoosh, the Adidas’ flower, Mercedes’ three pointed star and the spirit of ecstasy were nowhere as aspirational as they are now, after completing that journey.


Smart logo Redesign decisions

McDonald’s, Visa, Google, Domino’s, Pepsi didn’t have dramatic changes and the basic symbols remained the same and identifiable for their customers.


Apple had a dramatic change in their logo but that was before they had gone on their 10 year, 100 Million Dollars journey so the impact was minimal.

So the next time when you want to redesign you logo, think about it once again. Cosmetic change here and there are fine if the basic symbol remains identifiable but if you are planning to change it completely, be sure that you are ready for a 10 year journey and have budget of 100 Million dollars.

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Emulating success

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Will wearing a black turtle neck along with a Levi’s jean and New Balance sneakers make me a genius and super successful? It should because that is what Steve Jobs used to wear.

A favorable impression will help me a lot more than it will help Mark or Steve

You know what I Think? Lose that turtle neck

Should I start wearing a generic grey t-shirt with jeans? That is what Mark Zuckerberg also wears. Mark wears what he wears because he is the founder and owner of the biggest social network and has a million things on his mind. He doesn’t want to spend his time deciding what to wear and what to eat and it helps that doesn’t have to worry about making a favorable impression. On the other hand, most of us don’t have the same time constraints and neither is our brain preoccupied with a million things and it would serve me well if I spend a little time in deciding what should I wear because a favorable impression will help me a lot more than it will help Mark or Steve.

I don't have to impress people. People try to impress me.

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Facebook got a new logo

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Facebook redesigns his logo. The old one is replaced by a new one that doesn’t look all that different from the old one. This is for a company that doesn’t even use its logo on its website.

New and Old Facebook Logos

“This new logo may look pretty similar to the average person, but it is regarded as a rather dramatic change to the typography-trained eye.”

It’s like me not noticing that my wife got a haircut. I sincerely hope Facebook won’t be mad at me for not noticing the change in the logo.

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Which Celebrity got her age revealed today – a Page 3 reporting trend brought to you by a 42 year old Blogger

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HT City has trivial coverage of celebrities- who is taking time off to spend time with her kids, who has been out of drug rehab, who spent $40,000 in roses for her wife’s birthday and shit like that. In addition to this, I saa that all the news items have the age of celebrity – 24 year old actor, 45 year old singer and so on.

Is it to embarrass them, or to show that they know everyones’ age? What is the reason of mentioning their age when it is completely irrelevant to the news?

HT City reporting trends

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Aamir Khan – the new Jackal

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In the movie The Jackal, Bruce Willis who plays the title role of the assassin named Jackal asks for an exorbitant amount of money for killing the First Lady of United States. When the man giving the supari is mildly surprised he explains “After a job like this, I will have to disappear. Forever.”

If I do this movie, I will have to stop acting in movies

and I thought Dhoom 3 was the final movie of Uday Chopra.

I think Aamir Khan and the producers of Dhoom 3 also had a similar conversation “after acting in a movie like this, I will have to hang my acting shoes. Forever”

So any guess how much money Aamir charged for Dhoom3?

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No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded

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“Namaste, This is Arvind Kejriwal. By the 15th of December, Delhi will have a government by Aam Aadmi Party and on 29th of December, we will have a session of Stat Government at Ram Lila Maidan….”

This is what Arvind Kejriwal is announcing on FM radios. He will not be able to make the government, all he will be able to do is divide BJP’s votes and ruin any chances they have of forming a government in Delhi.

No bad deed goes unrewarded. The Congress government, both at national and state level have set new heights in corruption and this time around, there was a realistic chance that the people are fed up with them and may give an opportunity to a different party. However, the very reason the people wanted to boot out Congress is the reason why they will stay in power. The corruption gave rise to a movement against it, which resulted in a political party which will result in dividing the opposition votes and ensuring majority for the incumbents.

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Robbin’ Hoods

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The idea is to please more people than you piss off.

One ran the biggest dope scandal in the history of sports. Destroyed the credibility and careers of a lot of people and won not just one or two but seven championships by cheating.

The second cheated his employers and stakeholder in particular and investors in general.

Inspite of this, they are not running short of supporters.

Lance Armstrong still has as many people still supporting him as people against him because of his initiative in helping people suffering from cancer. Rajat Gupta has Bill Gates and Kofi Anna writing to judges to be lenient to him because of charitable work he has been doing.

The idea is to please more people than you piss off.

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Ratan Tata on ethics

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Read a quote by Ratan Tata in Hindustan Times today.

“I want the legacy to say we achieve the growth and the prosperity with the value system and ethical standards that we have tried to retain, and not succumb to the subjective pressures that exist to get things done.”
Ratan Tata

In the corporate world, I believe he is only one who can say this looking straight in your eyes.

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What’s in a name? Ask Sunny.

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No, not Sunny Leone. See, this is what I meant. I am talking about Sunny Deol. Just ask him how humiliating it is for someone to spend 30 years in the film industry, shouting at the top of his voice and when someone takes his first name, the person who comes to mind is not him but a porn star we know barely an year ago.

Balwant Rai ke kutton ne bhi Sunny Deol to itna frustrate nahin kiya hoga jitna Sunny Leone ne kiya hai.

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