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After the IDMA Gold, it’s an ABBY Bronze

Posted by Navin Harish - No Comments

A few weeks ago I posted the news about my team winning the gold at the IDMA 2010 Awards. This time we have won a Abby Bronze.

Last time I was there to celebrate the moment with them but this time around I wasn’t as they won the award after I left R K SWAMY. People who have been to Goafest tell me I have missed nothing but as someone who has never been there, I wish I was there.

Here are a few pictures of team with the trophy which for some reason came to them later. The network here won’t allow me to upload any images. Will share them with you later.

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Degrees of Separation and Empowerment

Posted by Navin Harish - 2 Comments

In Ogilvy on Advertising David Ogilvy talks about the time when he had gone to present an ad to a client. The client liked it and called his junior to take a look at it as well. While looking at the ad, he took out his pen, obviously to make a change but even before he could open he pen, his boss stopped him “Put that pen back in your pocket.”

“Teams from different functions should stick to what they do best and leave the creative delivery to the creative team. It is in the interest of the client, the creative team and your organization at large.”

With that said, I’d like to ask you how many people stand between your creative team and the client and have you empowered your creative team to ask the guys standing between them and the client to take a walk if the occasion arise?

I won’t say there should be no layer between the client and the Creative team. I am not even saying no one should review the work done by the creative team. What I am saying is the creative work should be reviewed objectively and not be judged by personal opinion.

I keep deviating but this reminds me of another thing I want and share with you before I move on. In a one day cricked match, Shane Warne walked to bat at number 3 or 4. The commentator said “You send in a pinch hitter up the order to score a few runs quickly so your team can consolidate on it and the player goes in, takes time to settle and start thinking of himself as a batsman. This defeats the whole purpose.

More often than not this is what happened when different functions are involved in reviewing the creative work. There are six degrees of separation between you and a complete stranger sitting on the other side of the planet but sometimes there are more degrees of separation between you creative team and a person they are working for – the client.

The more people that are involved, the bigger the problem. While on one hand it eats up your men hours, it also dilutes the message that is to be delivered. Design by committee has often been criticized by a lot of people so I don’t want to go there. Another negative effect it has on your creative team is apathy. When a creative team feels their work is anyway going to be dissected by so many people they are quite likely to lost interest and do something mediocre and then just wait for the inputs and make the suggested changes. “Why should we screw our brains when the final work is not going to be what we will suggest” is the most dangerous attitude your team can have.

Teams from different functions should stick to what they do best and leave the creative delivery to the creative team. It is in the interest of the client, the creative team and your organization at large.

There is a creative team that should be doing the creative work, the marketing team or the HR team or the Finance team should not start thinking of themselves as creative people and start offering a critique on the work of creative team. They should only evaluate a creative work by how effectively is it communicating the intended message. “I think Green will look better than the blue”. Really? May be you should consider painting your bedroom green.

So the next time you see someone taking out a pen, you know what to tell them.