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No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded

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“Namaste, This is Arvind Kejriwal. By the 15th of December, Delhi will have a government by Aam Aadmi Party and on 29th of December, we will have a session of Stat Government at Ram Lila Maidan….”

This is what Arvind Kejriwal is announcing on FM radios. He will not be able to make the government, all he will be able to do is divide BJP’s votes and ruin any chances they have of forming a government in Delhi.

No bad deed goes unrewarded. The Congress government, both at national and state level have set new heights in corruption and this time around, there was a realistic chance that the people are fed up with them and may give an opportunity to a different party. However, the very reason the people wanted to boot out Congress is the reason why they will stay in power. The corruption gave rise to a movement against it, which resulted in a political party which will result in dividing the opposition votes and ensuring majority for the incumbents.

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It will change completely, but it will be the same

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Delhi government is planning to introduce cheaper four wheeler alternatives to the auto rickshaws. They will be charging the same fare as the autos and there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm among some people who feel it will solve all the problems related to auto rickshaws

Among the sound byes quoted in Hindustan Times, there are quotes like “The auto rickshaw drivers charge what they want ad don’t ply by the meters and this will solve the problem” and “The auto drivers refuse to take the people and introductions of small cars will solve that problem”

Optimism is a good thing but this in wishful thinking. I don’t know how the small cars are going to solve the problems of overcharging and refusing to go on certain routes specially when the cars will be driven by the same people driving the rickshaws.

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Inconvenience of a Convenience – story of Delhi – Gurgaon Toll

Posted by Navin Harish - 4 Comments

Traveling to Gurgaon seems so much nicer now as compared to a few years ago. The smooth roads, the long flyovers help you glide smoothly… till you reach the Toll Plaza. This is when you wonder why is it suddenly okay for the government to charge you for something that till now was free.

Sure the condition of the road is so much better and there are no signals where you have to stop and there are not many exit-entry points which help in avoiding congestion on the road but isn’t this something that any Highway and roads authority should strive to provide to citizens? I don’t know why this needs to be sponsored by the citizens as directly as paying toll. We are already paying enough taxes including road tax which should be sufficient to cover the cost.

Another thing I wonder is why the toll is Rs21 and not 20. Why do you have to add the complexity of 1 Rupee to a transaction that was already taking more time than what the highway is saving me?


Mind your driving, the guests are watching!

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Trials for blue lanes are on. Today onwards if you are driving in the blue lane, the cops will stop you to educate you on the blue line (they may take a small tuition fee as well). If you are like me, you must have seen blue patches on some of Delhi roads and wondered what they are. Well, that is blue lane, reserved for Commonwealth Games traffic.

From 20th September to 16th October, if you are caught driving in the blue lane, you will be fined Rs 2000. I must say the amount of fine is substantial enough to discourage people from breaking that particular rule.

It Is good to have people in our city put on their best behavior when the guests are visiting. Won’t it be better if we observe the same discipline even when those visitors are not here. I know it would be difficult for us to have the same amount of discipline without a little push from the authorities.

How about having similar fines for people breaking other traffic rules like jumping red signals, driving with high beam on, unnecessary honking, driving on the wrong side and so on. And why just traffic, why not fine other offenders who litter the city or spit pan.

Wishful thinking?


Bombay – the city I always loved to hate… and I hate to say I started loving

Posted by Navin Harish - 3 Comments

Since I hated Bombay even before I visited this place, I have to say it is prejudice more than anything else. The local trains, the overcrowded city and everything I knew about Bombay was secondhand information and I have to admit that Bombay lived up to its expectations except for the only positive thing I had heard – road sense.

Tata Interactive made me an offer and I guess my desire to work for Tata proved stronger than my dislike of Bombay and I landed in Bombay on 6th October 2003 almost exactly 6 years and a half before I leave it for good.

No more session passes

A while ago I wondered how thick this pile of monthly train tickets will get. Now I won’t be buying them again… at least anytime soon

If there is a thing called Destiny that the last 6 years are the manifestation of that. I took up a job which I should not have before coming to Bombay and I spent about an year and a half doing I job which was not the right fit for me but I guess that job, since it was in elearning, must have played some part in me getting the job at Tata Interactive.

This is the last session pass I have bought for Mumbai Local Trains.

For the past 6 years I have lived in one of the most crowded city in the world but I have always enjoyed a great view with green as far as eye can see from my window. In a city where people spend on an average 3-4 hours commuting to office I have been living 15 minutes away from my workplace for most part of the last six years. In local trains that are notorious the world over for being over crowded, I have had the good fortune of finding a place to sit almost everyday. Considering all this, it seems I was destined to stay in Bombay and destiny was kind enough to make it as comfortable as possible. Of course there were times when I felt like I was a repeat offender in my last birth so I am repeatedly being punished for that but largely I was lucky…sometime so lucky that I felt I was the brand ambassador of Lux Cozi.

A view of Aarey Colony from my bedroom

More than this, I feel I leave Bombay as a better person than I was when I came here. It is largely because I have come to know so many people – mostly nice, some not so nice.

Apart from all these, Mira and I reached the most important milestone a couple looks forward to – becoming parents. Manu was born after we moved to Bombay.

Few days from now, I will move on to where I came from – New Delhi the place I always call home. Just like I still cherish the memories of my stay in Melbourne, I will look back fondly to the days spend in Bombay and maybe sometime even wonder why the hell I moved back to Delhi.