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Are we really living in a democracy?

Posted by Navin Harish - No Comments

Before you answer this question, I want you to consider two facts.

  1. Our maid is having sleepless nights because of the rumors doing the rounds that people are turning to stones in their sleep. I was joking with my wife that maybe she should suggest our maid that during the night someone should stay awake in their family to wake up the person if he starts turning into stone, buy seriously, it is anyone’s guess how easily these people can be influenced in voting for someone.
  2. Second is the video I found on Youtube that shows how easily the elections can be rigged using an EVM.

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Shiv Sena – an opposition Congress love to have

Posted by Navin Harish - 1 Comment

“May be in the next elections we should vote for an opposition as well as a government.”

A government by the people, for the people of the people may be the most popular definition of democracy but in my opinion the most important aspect of a democratic government is the opposition.

The opposition keeps a check on the government; ensure that tit is periodically reminded of its purpose – to serve the people.

In Maharashtra the opposition largely has been and still is The Shiv Sena and now MNS to give it company and in my opinion, it’s the perfect opposition a government can ask for and that is why the worst opposition the public can ask for. An opposition that doesn’t want to think about the real issues of the state like the farmer suicides, the housing problems, the encroachments, the crumbling infrastructure, and water crisis but is always ready to create ruckus about things like comments made by Sharukh Khan on the Pakistani players in IPL, Rahul Gandhi on claiming Mumbai belongs to all Indians.

Makes the life of government very easy, doesn’t it?

May be in the next elections we should vote for an opposition as well as a government.

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