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Get the listing – By Seth Godin

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Most successful (and honest) real estate agents will tell you that their business is about the listings, and that sales ability comes second. All other things being equal, the agent with a better home to sell will make a better sale.

The same thing is true for baseball managers—if you have a better lineup you’re more likely to win the game. And of course that’s true for the sushi restaurant with fresher fish. And the tech company with better programmers, and the college with better professors…

If this is all so obvious, why do we spend all our time trying to find cheap average inputs and then make them special through our magnificent sales and management skills? Why do we industrialize the hiring process, spend very little time on scouting, and seek out the replicatable instead of the special exception? Our ego demands that we spend all day polishing the average instead of seeking out the exceptional.

Better to invest the time and money on special people and raw materials instead.

This is a repost of a post by the same name by Seth Godin on his blog.

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The tyranny of low price

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Some time ago I posted an article named If you have the cost advantage, you don’t really have an advantage where I said that If your business depends on lowest cost, it is time for you to find a more sustainable business model.

A couple of days ago, I found that idea being validated by Seth Godin in his post titled “The tyranny of low price“.

Cheapest price is the refuge for the marketer with no ideas left or no guts to implement the ideas she has.
-Seth Godin

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Does you “arse in seat” time matter at all?

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In his latest book Linchpin, Seth Godin tells us that the jobs where we get paid to just turn up are gone. Those jobs are being fast replaced by jobs where you have to be a Linchpin, in his words, you become indispensable.

When I think about it, those new jobs demolish a lot more than just the old structure and the biggest of those is the office itself. If you have managed to position yourself as the best in what you do you have also ensured that you will be assessed by your output at the end of the year/quarter which in turn ensures that you are not judged by the time you spend in the office. Your “arse on the seat” time has no meaning or value.

Taking this a little further, you see the annual paid leave is also not something as it existed in your dad’s time. If your next appraisal is based on what your output is, it doesn’t matter if you go on a vacation once a year or 5 times an year.

You can stop looking at the clock, you decide when you come and when you leave

So does this mean the companies and employees will stop obsession over annual leave? I don’t know. however what is the point of even trying to negotiate here when it is pre-decided what all a person is going to accomplish in a year.

His work load is not going to be shared by anyone so if he is going away for a week, either he has to deal with it before he goes of after he comes back, in a scenarios like this, how does it matter if he goes away for a week or for a month? Of course there are issues of being available on particular times for particular activities but I am assuming if you are a Linchpin, you will have considered those before making your holiday plans.

So what do you say, would you like to be in charge of your own office timings or would like to be led? Do share your opinion as a comment.


If all else fails, deny.

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Wanted to link to a post by Seth Godin, very interesting observation.

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