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Statutory warning for Texting While Driving

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The moment a cigarette a lit, you see a warning but you see people routinely driving while using a phone and no one bothers to say that it can be dangerous to do so.

There is not law that prohibits you from smoking in general but there are tickers at the bottom of TV screen warning you that “SMOKING KILLS” or “SMOKING CAUSES CANCER”.


There are laws that prevent you from using your mobile phone while driving but I never see a ticker of my screen saying “IT’S A PUNISHABLE OFFENCE TO TALK ON PHONE WHILE DRIVING” or “USING A PHONE WHILE DRIVING CAN BE FATAL”

Intexticated Teens – Some figures on Mobile Phone usage while driving

DWI : Driving While Intexticated

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“No! you may not make anti smoking statements on my behalf”

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Jack Nicholson

This kind of censorship is unacceptable. Your intentions may be good but making claims on behalf of others is completely wrong. “How can you say that none of the actors in this program advocate smoking?” You can say that smoking is injurious to health, it causes cancer and other diseases but can you honestly make a claim on behalf of people like Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood or Robert Downey Jr that they don’t like smoking and are just doing it because the director asked them to?


World no tobacco day

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Today is world no tobacco day. It is meant to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption across the globe. This is to create awareness of the harmful effects of smoking – more than 5 million people die across the globe every year due to consumption of tobacco.

One disturbing thing I read in the paper today is the increasing number of women smokers in urban India. 10% of urban women smoke and this number has increased by three fold in the past few years. While globally the number of smokers is going down, it is on the rise in developing countries like India. One reason is lack of awareness. The other reasons are more damaging like peer pressure. Kids get the feeling of being a “grown up”, women at workplace may find it liberating as they may see it associated with “breaking the glass ceiling”. This may sound silly but let me quote a very well educated and professionally successful cousin “A lot of discussions and decisions are made when people go out for a cigarette break and to be a part of that decision making, the women also join the smoking group”. Then there are the other reasons like defiance and rebellion.

A few years ago I wasted a couple of my nights and days working on a site called Second Hand Smoke Kills for World Lung Foundation when smoking in public places in India was banned. Wasted because the site was never promoted and it seems to have died a lonely isolated death. The stats say there are 10 visitors a day which is no visitors at all for a site like this.

Anyway over the years I have posted images of ciggies along with my thoughts and today is a good day to revisit those.

No more smoking in public places

On the 2nd of October the Government of India banned smoking in public places which is good news if you are a non smoker. You would know how bad it is going to a restaurant that smell of stale smoke. read more

Smoking… Alcohol… Prejudice… The whole truth

The extreme to this is the ban on the Cadbury Fruity Gems ad as authorities felt it is implying that eating gems is as good as eating fresh fruit. The health minister Mr. Ramados wants smoking in the movies to stop and he wants Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan to apologise for smoking read more

Marlboro Lights

Anyone trying to tell others to quit smoking loves telling them that the Marlboro man died of cancer caused by smoking. Does that help? I guess not read more